Wednesday Weigh-in and Workouts

So first the weigh-in.

Last week I was 148 and 34% body fat, today I am 147 and 33.5% body fat.  So down 1 pound and .5% body fat.

That’s actually pretty good!  I’m not sure if cutting down my activity this week has anything to do with it, we’ll see what happens when I go back to doing Boot Camp.

Stats for the week:

  • Average daily calories 2254
  • Average daily steps 14393
  • I exercised for 1,159 minutes!  That includes a 4 hour hike over the weekend, so if you take that out that is still 2+ hours daily.  Wow!

My workouts for the week:

  • Saturday – 8 mile hike to Gobbler’s Knob Peak
  • Sunday – 5 mile run
  • Monday – 1 hour yoga, 50 minutes elliptical, The Firm Body Sculpting video, 90 minute walk
  • Tuesday – 50 minutes yoga

I’m changing up my schedule starting this week, I’m going to attempt 2 more low mileage running days per week, like 1-2 miles.  I’m hoping that if I just continue to do all ‘easy’ runs then it won’t affect me or end up in injury.  If I feel like it isn’t working then I’ll back off again.  I just feel like 3 days is not enough.  I’m going to keep doing Boot Camp, it starts again next week, and I’m going to cut my formal weights workouts to twice a week.  I’m going to make sure I do yoga twice a week, but really I’m going to aim for daily yoga.  It doesn’t have to be full on strength stuff every day, just mostly doing it for the stretching and the relaxation factor 🙂  I hope this helps with evening things out in my body!  I’m feeling tight lately so hopefully the yoga will really help.  The reason behind cutting weights back one day is purely for running.  I do want to be strong and have muscles, but ultimately I see myself as a runner.  It’s what I want the most, and most recommendations for runners are twice a week strength.  I’ll still lift heavy-ish, just not as long and hard as I have been.

I think that this week I’m going to stay off of the scale until next week’s weigh-in.  I got pretty annoyed one day from seeing the numbers and I know that isn’t right.  I quickly came out of it, after remembering that I have committed to doing things this way (eating more and focusing on strength) for the rest of the year, at least.  I know that it will take more time, but it will be worth it.  I am already looking in the mirror and a lot of the time and thinking I am okay.  This is pretty exciting!  I’m not hating on my body anymore.  Of course there are things I want to change, but my weight and my body are not the only things.  I am a person, not numbers!  I’m trying to focus more on other things throughout the day, doing more things and getting back to things I used to like to do.  So anyway, no scale until next week.  It’s going to be kind of hard the first few days, but I really want to do this to try and take more focus off of the numbers.  It will be good for me whether I like it or not 😆

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