Food Budget Week 32

We only went shopping once this week!!  I pulled meat from the freezer and it lasted us pretty much all week.  I cooked a big roast on Tuesday and we still have a few leftovers that will be lunch or dinner today.  Tomatoes from the ‘garden’ make us a quick pasta dinner this week too 🙂  I’m so amazed that we only went to the store once!  I must have just been too busy 😆  We ended up spending only $80.30!!

Here’s what we bought this week:


  • Avocado $2.37 – the checker rang it up wrong but she didn’t want to change it – should have been $5.00!
  • Red bell peppers $1.00
  • Raspberries $3.49
  • Green cabbage $1.00
  • Cauliflower $3.64
  • Celery $1.96
  • Garlic $1.18
  • Ginger $.84
  • Green beans $.78
  • Kale $1.99
  • Kale salad from Costco $4.79
  • Romaine $3.29
  • Mangoes $2.25
  • Mushrooms $4.79
  • Nectarines $1.06
  • Onions $1.45
  • Oranges $2.60
  • Potatoes $1.15


  • Cottage Cheese $4.00
  • Gallon milk $4.79
  • Ricotta cheese $2.99
  • Sour cream $2.50
  • Yogurt $4.39
  • Peanuts $6.35
  • Quinoa flakes $6.29
  • Whole wheat bread, artisan garlic bread, and 2 challah rolls $6.98
  • Packaged cheese sauce 😆 $2.38 – I saw it and thought we could try it for a quick mac and cheese dinner

I guess making the list and sticking to it really works!!  I looked at the online flyers and only wrote down what was on sale, then I chose how much I wanted to spend on each item.  I added whatever else we needed that wasn’t on sale.  When we hit the store, if it wasn’t on the list we didn’t buy it, with a couple of exceptions.  I’ve already made my list for the week, and we still have some produce left in the fridge and a lot of fruit on the counter, so I’m sure we can keep under budget this week.

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