Wednesday Weigh-In

So again this week, no major progress.  In fact I’m up!  I guess it depends on how you look at it though…

Last week 147.6, 35% body fat

This week 148, 34 % body fat

So I’m up .4, but down 1% in body fat.  This actually means that even though I’m up, I gained 1.8 pounds of lean body mass.  Well my scale says that anyway, who knows if it is right 😆  That’s what I’m going with though.

Other stats:

  • Average daily calories for the 4 days I counted – 2437
  • Average daily steps – 17416
  • I did about 51 minutes exercise every day – not counting our 4 hour hike!

We went on a mini vacation this weekend, leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday afternoon.  I spent about 14 hours in the car total!  I didn’t count any calories.  We ate at restaurants and had ice cream every day.  We hiked probably 10 miles on Saturday!  I got up and ran 4 miles on Sunday morning 🙂  I think all those make for a huge success!  Normally I would be drinking too much, being hungover but slogging along through the daily activities anyway, and then eating way too much greasy and carby food.  I’m so glad I chose to do better this time.

I had a fleeting thought this morning about giving up – not that I would give up but if I did, what would that entail?  Not a lot really, and it would only be taking away things I like!  I would stop running, when I LOVE running.  I would stop lifting weights and doing boot camp, which makes me feel strong and makes my body look better –  why would I want that?!  I would probably not be taking any calories away, since I’m eating over 2000 every day 😆  I might add beer back in (30 days now!!), but I’m really not missing the unpleasant effects from drinking alcohol.  There is nothing to give up now.  This is how I want to live.

I’m actually thinking I might give up the daily weighing.  I’ve said that I should do that before, but I really am thinking about it.  Since I don’t plan on changing my eating or my workouts, I know the numbers aren’t going to move any faster than they are right now.  I do get frustrated some days, so why not just avoid the frustration and not weigh?  If I am tracking what I eat and getting the same amount of activity in, then I will still make progress.  I don’t know though, I don’t know if I’m ready for it.  Maybe I will try weekly weighing, and then move up to monthly weighing.  It’s funny, because I KNOW it would be good for my mind, but my mind tells me not to do it!!  Ahh well 🙂

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