Wednesday Weigh-in

I was frustrated and disappointed for a little bit this morning when I weighed in, because things haven’t been moving hardly at all, and today I am up a tiny bit from yesterday.  Almost all week I was lower in my body fat % until today.  Figures 😆  But then I looked at the big picture.

Last week 148.6 – 35%

This week 147.6 – 35%

I am down a pound for the week.  I had told myself earlier in the week that even a .5 pound loss per week would be great, if it hopefully means I will keep it off for good!  So, a 1 pound loss is pretty good.  The body fat was at 34.5% most of the week so I don’t know why it went back up today.  It doesn’t mean that much anyway, a 1 pound difference really.  Also, I’m probably going to start my ‘happy time’, so I wouldn’t be surprised if everything goes back up 😆

Other stats for the week:

  • My average daily steps – 20,688
  • My average daily calories – 2254
  • I did about 1 hour 30 minutes exercise each day

So I’m looking forward to having another good week.  I had fleeting thoughts this morning about giving up the every weigh, or even the scale for good.  But I’m still not there!  Maybe someday.  I think it is enough right now to just try and keep eating as much as I am and staying on top of the activity.

The Fitbit Challenge is wrapping up this week.  I haven’t made much progress really, but it has been a great motivator to keep my steps up.  This session of Boot Camp will be over soon too, only another week left.  Half marathon training is going good, it’s only been 2 weeks but I haven’t missed a run yet.  I may be slogging along as far as pace, but I read that that is better for fat burning anyway 😉

I’ll end with this, a video I someone shared in a closed group on FB.  I needed the reminder.

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