Week in Workouts

Saturday – 2.4 mile hike – supposed to be a rest day lol

Sunday – 5 mile run

Monday – 18 min. elliptical to warm up for 1 hour of weights, and Boot Camp

Tuesday – 4.25 mile run and 1.5 mile hike

Wednesday – 20 minutes elliptical to warm up for 1 hour of weights, 1.5 miles walking to warmup for at home boot camp

Thursday – 3.8 mile run, Boot Camp

Friday – 21 minutes elliptical and a hard weights session

Here is what I did for weights today:

Squats on the machine – 70#x10, 75#x8, 100#x5
Rows – 30#x10, 35#x7, 40#x4
Calf Raise on the machine – 70#x15, 75#x12, 100#x10
Bicep Curls – 12#x12, 15#x8, 20#x3
Lunges – 20#x10, 25#x8, 40#x6
Shoulder press – 15#x10, 20#x6, 25#x2
Step ups – 25#x10, 30#x10, 45#x5
Dips – 20, 16,16
Russian Deadlift with the bar (think the bar is like 30 # or something) – 30#x10, 40#x9, 50#x6
Pull Down – 90#x8, 95#x6, 100#x4
Single leg deadlift – 30#x10, 35#x8, 40#x6
Pushups – 18 on toes, 6 with Perfect Pushups twice
Wall sit – 30 sec., 45 sec., 60 sec.
Bench press on the machine (not sure about machine/bar weight) #40×10, x8, x10
Hamstring curls – 20#x12, 25#x10, 30#x8
Pullover/french press – 30#x10, x8, x5
Also did 2 planks for 1 min.10 sec. each

It was tough!!  But awesome 🙂  I am not going to do much else today but work and some walking, and tomorrow I am taking a REAL rest day.  Well, we might go hike but it will be mild if we do.


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