Budget week 26

This week was kind of weird, we went camping with friends and split the bill.  We ended up spending $175.60 this week, $50.60 over budget.  Here’s what we got:


  • Avocado $1.00
  • Carrots $3.60
  • Cilantro $.50
  • Corn $2.78
  • Garlic $1.00
  • Grapefruit $1.00
  • Grapes $2.95
  • Habaneros $.78
  • Lettuce $6.24
  • Mangoes $1.98
  • Onions $2.52


  • Butter $7.69
  • Cheese $10.79
  • Mascarpone $2.69
  • Yogurt $3.67
  • Pastrami $4.25
  • Pepperoni $4.99
  • Salmon $23.02
  • Turkey $7.47
  • Cashews $14.99
  • Cheesecake mix $2.99
  • Chicken base $6.89
  • Chocolate $8.97
  • Crackers $6.79
  • Graham crackers $4.99
  • Grapefruit juice $3.95
  • Naked juice $5.99
  • Salad dressing $1.79
  • Tabasco $3.99
  • Buns and bread $4.38
  • Chips $2.00
  • Chocolate for smores $3.00
  • Croutons $1.50
  • Marshmallows $.99

That’s not a total picture of what we ate this week, we still tried to get in the produce, just using more of what we had.  I made coleslaw and potato salad, using up some veg we had instead of buying more. It’s been kind of a bad week, I have been stomach sick and so we haven’t really bought much of anything in the way of groceries.  I really want to do better in July, and I hope that we will.  I will make more of a focus on pantry items and using things from the freezer.  Oh, I guess I also bought another meat CSA order on the 22nd, so this whole month’s spending went up by $325.  We won’t need meat for a while though, hopefully a few months at least!  But you can bet every time I see wild, fresh, salmon at Costco I’m going to buy it – it was delicious!

So how do I plan on doing better?  Making sure we have meat defrosted instead of forgetting and having to go to the store and grab it.  I will also try to only shop the sales.  Rely less on packaged foods, making more on my own here at home.  I now have a boot camp class on co-op days so it is impossible to shop the co-op, unless I do it on Saturdays.  If I can, I will.  I am kind of thinking of doing Bountiful Baskets again, but that is still undecided, and I’m leaning toward not doing it.  Might be time to check out the Tuesday farmer’s market downtown if they are having it.  Anyway.  I’m really going to try to do better in July!

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