Boot Camp Day 4 & a weigh-in

Today was core again, kind of a hard class.  Or maybe I just felt kind of weak.  I don’t like that.  Anyway we warmed up with a shuttle run in the parking lot and then planks and tons of calf raises.  The trainer had us turn our toes in and out for the calf raises and holy crap, I didn’t know I could feel all that in my calves!  What a good trick.

I was able to hold a regular plank for 2 minutes!  And then side planks for a minute each.

Once we went back inside the building we did the circuit.  Russian twists with a medicine ball, TRX planks for the rookies (that’s me!), planks to pushups, Bosu burpees, and a modified spiderman walk again for the rookies.  It was ALL hard.  I did manage to hold the TRX plank twice for 30 seconds.  I think that’s pretty good for me.  The planks to pushups were so hard.  I could only manage 6 on each side.  I liked the burpees and I did a total of 20.  Anyway, like I said, all so hard and I wished that I could have pushed harder but I just didn’t have it in me today!

As far as weighing in, I’ve decided to try and weigh only once a week, and my day will be Monday from now on.  I have passed 150 once again.  Bummer.  I hope it is just that I really started to amp up the strength with boot camp and that my muscles are holding on to water.  I’m hoping that it will be gone next week.  We’ll see. I’m doing pretty well with my eating overall but there is always room for improvement.  And maybe the daily wine isn’t such a great thing 😆  I guess I’m only willing to do what I’m gonna do right now.  I just don’t want to fight with myself.  If I am doing more exercise then eventually my body will look better and feel better right?  I’m more interested in just making moving a daily thing, no matter what, for life.  Anyway.  There’s that.

Tomorrow I’m running and walking, and maybe trying Zumba in the evening.  We may only have 2 boot camps this week, which would be fine with me!

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