Boot Camp Day 2

I was still sore from the last one today!  Today we warmed up by jumping rope around the parking lot and then alternating 10 jump ropes with 10 pushups, 10 times.  I tried my best to do the pushups on my toes but only lasted through the 5th set.  After that I just did what I could and finished the rest on my knees.  So after 100 pushups (!) we started our circuit.  Tire pulls, which were really fun but HARD, we had the wind working against us.  Then more pushups, which I couldn’t really do because my arms were shot from all of the pushups before.  Then bicep curls with the TRX, and then tricep presses also with the TRX.  Last were pull-ups, I did mine with my knees bent.  Holy crap, my arms were shot by the time we were done with that!!  Then we ran over to the picnic tables and did 25 step-ups on each leg.  That was it.  No big deal 😆

Holding on to the steering wheel on the drive home was almost too much :/

Tomorrow is just supposed to be cardio.  I won’t be surprised if there are tires though…

In other news, I managed to hit over 30,000 steps on my Fitbit today!!  I was at 22,000 after boot camp and then I took M to softball practice.  I walked around the field for about an hour of her practice and by the time I got home I hit 30,000.  Crazy!!

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