Boot Camp Day 1

Wow, I am exhausted tonight!!  I started the day bright and early at 5:30 with an hour of incline walking on the treadmill.  Then after breakfast I wanted to get outside with M and we did a leisurely walk of 50 minutes.  I’m having family over tomorrow so I emptied the kitchen and entryway and cleaned the floor, which seemed to take forever.  I also did my first day of Boot Camp today!  It was HARD.  I am so out of shape I guess.

After we warmed up we did a circuit for I don’t know, maybe 25 minutes? of tire flips and jumps, rocking planks, and lunges with a twist holding a medicine ball – I used a 6 pound for most of the time and then 4 pounds on the last set.  Oh my hell, that kicked my ass!  I have never done those tire flips before.  I was dripping and having a hard time breathing.  Then we moved to do core work with the TRX.  I seriously need a lot of work on my core.  I couldn’t hold most of the planks for very long and I felt a lot of pressure in my back because I wasn’t holding my glutes tight enough.  I think I will be attempting a lot more of that kind of stuff at home.

I can’t remember what the trainer said we were doing on Wednesday but I am ready to be whooped again 😆  I am super glad to be doing it with my good friend too 😀  Misery loves company.

After all the activity today my Fitbit has me at 24,000+ steps!!  That is a record for me 🙂

Now time for bed!

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