Catching up on the budget – week 24

Okay, so I totally slacked for 12 weeks on this.  I guess I lost interest, and I stopped itemizing our food purchases.  But I want to get back to it!!  I tried to figure out how much we had been spending, but I also just lumped household and food groceries together so I couldn’t do it exactly.  I added up what we had been spending in total and just decreased the numbers by 15%, a really arbitrary number 😆  I have no way of knowing what we spent on either, but I know that is wasn’t all spent on food.  So here’s what I came up with.

Week 13 – $188.59

Weeks 14-17 – $140.25 per week

Weeks 18- 21 – $127.50 per week

Weeks 22 – 24 – $90.28 per week

So as I said, this isn’t even at all accurate but it IS my best guess at what we spent on food groceries.  We were eating out a lot too, which isn’t good, but if we hadn’t been we probably would have been spending a bit more.

My goal is to get back to spending under $125 per month.  I think we can do it!!  And I’m really going to try to stick with the weekly postings, even if it is only for my amusement and benefit 😉  I’ve started itemizing again and separating food and household groceries so I’m all set!

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