Day 30

It’s day 30 of my all-juice fast!!!!  I honestly cannot believe I made it this long!!  Well, I guess I can.  I was about to throw in the towel around day 14 I think?  But I decided that I was just doing it, no matter what.  I have a big problem.  Too many times I will make a goal or declaration that I am going to do something, or more likely, stop doing something.  I last a few days, weeks, a month, and then I just give up or give in.  I wanted to prove to myself that I could actually commit to something and get this – follow through!!  In many ways this thing has been easy.  It has been really hard at the same time.  I think it has been so easy for the most part since I decided I was just going to do it.  No ifs, ands, or buts.  I kept picturing myself at the end of 30 days, knowing I had completed and how proud of myself I would be!!  Whether or not you think the juice fast is totally stupid or a great idea, there is something in that – that I said I would do it and just didn’t give up.  And if you think a juice fast is small potatoes, well just try one 😆

Anyway, the hard work doesn’t stop now.  I’m actually not even phasing out juices for a while, and I will probably keep them in the daily or weekly rotation.  I am definitely working my way back to eating in a way that I want to sustain long term, but I also want to keep juicing.  I will probably have a juice most mornings.  For the week to come I’m adding smoothies with my juices.  I’ll still be having half my intake be just juice.  As far as the smoothies, they will be green, have almond milk and protein powder and fruit – wonderful, whole fruit.  I hope they will be as filling as I think they will be, and I know they will taste awesome.  Anything different at this point will be awesome!!

Tomorrow is weigh-in day, and the final day for the weigh-in on the juice fast.  I’m pretty happy with the results.  Stay tuned!

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