Juicing Day 22

Yes, day 22!!  It feels like I have been living on just juice for months now, when it has really only been 3 weeks 😆  I am counting down the days until this fast is over, crossing each one off of my calendar as I go.  I will still be doing liquids only the week after the fast, but I am going to add smoothies that have protein powder and almond milk, and it is going to be wonderful!

Anyway!!  I thought I would share some more specifics about my experience.  I have been living on the same juices since day 1, save a little variety in my morning fruit only juice.  In the mornings I usually have cantaloupe or pineapple, grapefruit, orange, apple, pear, and berries.  Not all in one juice, I usually do a mix of 3-4 fruits.  The best one I’ve had so far was pineapple, cantaloup, strawberries, and basil.  So delicious!!  I drink about a pint of fruit juice as my first juice, anywhere from 9 am to 11 am.  I get busy at work and sometimes forget to drink my juice until later on and my stomach starts to feel too empty.

Around 1 or 2 pm I’ll drink my next juice, which is usually a quart of carrot, cabbage, celery, apple, bell pepper, and sometimes spinach or another green.  I split this one up into two drinks, so I’m nursing it for a couple of hours most of the time.

After work and school I have been trying to get a walk in on the treadmill, and after that I will have a glass of naked smoothie with some liquefied frozen baby greens.  It works!  I like having the easy option and the smoothie is really good.

Around 5 pm I start thinking about having my ‘dinner’ juice.  This is the full on green one.  It is about 8 big handfuls of prepared greens – I rotate every few days using kale, chard, and spinach – cucumber, celery, green apple, and some carrot.  This is also a quart and it usually takes me until 6:30 or 7:00 to finish it off.  I find that the green juice before bed interferes less with my sleep.

I have strayed a little from this general outline, sometimes having tomato juice, and I’ve even added a cup of hot chicken stock a few times.  It was delicious and nice to have something warm in my belly!!  I also have some kind of herbal tea in the morning with honey and Sleepytime tea without honey almost every night. M is quite enjoying the Sleepytime tea too 🙂

Other random stuff about juicing:

Most people will say to make green juices the majority of your juice.  I am just trying to put as many veggies in my juice as I can, and carrots count as veggies to me.  It has been working great for me!  I tried to do loads of green juices on my last fast and I think that may have contributed to why I felt so crappy.

I always add lemon or lime to my veggie juices, lately I’ve been using 1/2 of each in each juice.  It adds to the taste and kind of rounds it out.  I think it may make the greens a little less bitter too.

I drink as much or as little juice as I want each day.  Most days I stick with the above, but there are some days I need another pint of Naked.  I think the recommendation on the low end of intake would be 64 ounces – I am getting around 96 every day.  This keeps me going through the whole day and I am able to do my work at 7-11 easily.  It can be a hard job some days and it keeps me active!

My sleep is crazy good right now.  I can just turn off the tv (bad at night I know!) and pretty much go to sleep within a few minutes.  Most of the time I fall asleep trying to finish a show and miss half of it!  I hardly wake up in the middle of the night anymore, and getting up at 5:30 has been a breeze, even when I don’t sleep until 10:00 pm.

I have given up coffee completely!  I will probably go back to it as soon as I can 😆  I just love the taste, and I only drank 1 cup most days, sometimes 2.

I would not recommend exercising while juice fasting.  I have been able to do 45 -60 minute walks most days for the last week and a half.  Otherwise I didn’t have time and I think I would have been too burned out.  I tried to run on my last fast, and that was a disaster.  I say just let it go and let your body relax.  It has been great for me!  BUT, I cannot wait until I start running again 😀

Here’s a snapshot of what my mornings look like, when I am making all of my juice for the day.  The whole process from chopping to cleaning takes me about 45 minutes which is not too bad at all!  I usually take at least 45 minutes to make dinner every day, so juicing is a time saver 😉


And today’s juice.


This week has been great as far as weight-loss goes.  I’m excited to share it on Wednesday!


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