Wednesday Weigh-in

Let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

Last week – 146.2

This week – 143.2

3 pounds lost

I’m down 10.6 pounds since the beginning of February, and 11.2 pounds since January 1st!

You might be thinking ‘she is only drinking juice and only down 3 pounds in a week?!’  Well I am overweight, but not that overweight.  I only have about 8 pounds to lose to get to a ‘normal’ BMI.  My goal weight for now is 125, so I have less than 20 pounds to go.  (The last time I was 125, my baby was 2!  7 years ago.)  3 pounds in a week is double the amount I would normally lose at this point!!  And 10 pounds in less than a month is amazing.  Now I fully expect anywhere from 2-5 pounds to come right back on, though I hope it is closer to 2 😉  So I hope that this rate of loss continues and that I will be able to get another 6 pounds gone in the two remaining weeks on my fast.  Did you hear that?!  I am on day 17!!

Also, in case anyone was wondering about muscle loss.  It isn’t an exact science, for sure, but I use a Tanita scale that shows body fat along with weight.  It seems like it is pretty consistent, and before the fast I started with a lean body mass of 96.8 pounds.  Today it is 94.6.  So 2 pounds of muscle loss.  I’m not really worried about it too much at this point.  And since we’re talking body fat, I started this month at 37%, and it is down to 34%.  Not bad!

Anywho, on to another week 🙂

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