Sucking it up

Okay, I know I’ve been whining about my fast and how shitty it has become over the last few days.  I’ve had a change of heart?  Back to my original thinking.  It isn’t about weight or health or any of that.  It is the fact that I need to finish what I started.  I am tired of making declarations and saying I’m doing this or that from now on, and then never following through.  I need to do this to show myself that I CAN follow through!  I can and I will.  So I’m starting day 15 which was going to be SO exciting because it is the halfway point, and now I will think of it as all downhill from here.  I have reached the hump!

I was getting upset because the weight hasn’t come off like I wanted it to, but when I started I thought that I may lose 15 pounds, since I don’t have tons to lose.  (It feels like a ton to me :lol:)  So of course I wouldn’t be losing a pound every day.  And now it has leveled off to just over a pound every 2-3 days!  I am pretty much on track to lose 15 pounds during this 30 days.  I’m also experiencing a lot of discomfort in the areas I was hoping to have some healing happen, like my back and knee.  I’ve been walking every day and keeping busy at work, but it isn’t helping.  So it feels like everything I wanted to happen isn’t happening so why bother?  Maybe I just need to give it more time, like oh, I don’t know, 15 days?!

So that’s it, no more whining.  I am just going to suck it up, whatever it is that I’m feeling that’s negative, and follow through with my goal, my commitment.  If I have come this far I can surely finish it out.

Okay, now I will shut up for a while now about this whole thing 😉

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