Juicy Day 13

Well today was rough.  I think it was because I didn’t drink much juice yesterday and then this morning I waited too long before I made any juice.  I was very crabby and just not feeling well.  I have been toying with the idea of trying once again to run the Portland Marathon this year, since I was thwarted by injury last year.  I’ve pretty much decided to go for it.  I decided on the Novice Supreme training plan by Hal Higdon, and figured that I would need to start training on March 13th.  This is cutting it really close with my fast, so I was contemplating quitting the fast or modifying it in some way.  It was giving me major anxiety!  But, I’ve decided that things will be fine, since the training starts out pretty easy.  I will finish the fast as planned and then get back to eating as soon as possible.  I will take a week to ease into it with lots of smoothies, and then start adding things back in like salads, soups, and beans.

I’m excited!!  I am nervous too, since my knee still isn’t quite normal, but I don’t think it will ever be again. I hope that with less weight on me this time around, my body will be able to handle it better.  I keep thinking about it and I can’t just give up on my marathon dream!  I have to try again.  And Portland seems right as a kind of redemption.

So yeah, still going, not strong or anything but still going 😆  I am determined to make it through these 30 days, 17 left!  I am really going to try to drink more juice and water tomorrow and from now on.  I think that will help me to not run out of gas and stay in a happy mood 🙂

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