Juicing day 12

Well I’m starting day 12 today.  Just wanted to give a little update since my rant yesterday 😆  The scale did move down a pound (and 1 body fat%) today so that helped to give me my motivation back!  I drank less juice and put less fruit in my juices, tried to drink more water, stayed busy most of the day, and got an afternoon walk in on the treadmill.  I’m thinking that my body just needed a little time to adjust to the quick loss before it was ready to start moving again.  I hope that my downward trend will continue!

I did realize though that I need to think of the whole thing as more of just the goal.  My goal is to lose weight, but in order for me to keep up the motivation I need to just see my goal as the 30 days, and whatever happens to me during that time is just what happens.  I was pretty annoyed yesterday but I didn’t really think of quitting.  I am going to follow through with the 30 days, but do I really want to do it hating every juice I drink and regretting my decision?!  That wouldn’t be enjoyable at all.  So, in other words, I’m going to suck it up and quit being a baby!

3 more days until the halfway point!!  I guess that is pretty good motivation too.

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