January Goals revisited

How did I do on my January Goals?!  Here’s what I wrote:

  • Finish M’s curtains.  These have been ‘in progress’ for a long time, over a year!  I actually only have to add binding to it and then it will pretty much be done.  That and figure out just how I am going to hang a huge quilt on the window.
  • Finish hemming all of the curtains I made when we moved in this house, and start on the ones for the bathroom.
  • Start knitting Different Lines.  I bought the pattern last week and I really like it and want to be knitting again.
  • Do weights 3 times a week and run 4 times a week.
  • Hopefully lose 5 pounds?!
  • Make this roasted corn pudding in acorn squash.
  • Get a weaving book from the library and set up my loom for a project.
  • Read a non-diet book.
  • Have more fun :)

Well I did not, once again, finish the curtains.  I didn’t even work on them?!  Oh well.  I really just need to sit down and get it done one of these weekends.

I didn’t work on any of the other curtains either.  Fail!!

I did start and finish Different Lines!  I need to sew in the ends and block, and then get a picture of it.

I didn’t end up doing weights 3 times a week, and the running didn’t happen because of all of the pollution in the air here.

I didn’t lose 5 pounds.  From my weight as February 2nd, I only lost .6 pounds.  I was doing better before we went to Vegas, but oh well.

I made the corn pudding in acorn squash.  It was good!

I didn’t get a weaving book and set up my loom.

I did read a non-diet book – The Happiness Project!  I loved it and want to re-read it again and do my own happiness project.  Maybe I will re-read it this month.  I also read most of another book I picked up at the library on sale that looked interesting, These People are Us.  It is a bunch of little stories about different people, very quirky and weird and I like it.  I hope to finish it this month.

I would say that I had more fun.  We went to Vegas, always fun!  We had friends over for a game night that was a blast.  We played lots of games just by ourselves.  I tried to be happier and just generally enjoy myself more.  Success!

I want to make some goals for February but I need some time to sit and think about it.  I will post it when I come up with some, even though there will definitely be some repeats 😆

Got any goals for February?!

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