Wednesday Weigh-in

I skipped this last week because I didn’t weigh on Wednesday, plus I was out of town.  I did weigh on Tuesday so I’ll backtrack and go from 2 weeks ago.  The week before last I started doing badly, eating less real food, more junk, and drinking more.  Then we went to Vegas and things really blew up that way 😆  Now I’m on day 3 of the juice fast and I hope things will start moving right along.

Two weeks ago – 151

Last week – 152.2

This week – 151

So basically no change.  Although because of all of the junk I was eating, I did manage to swing all the way back up to 155.6 this week!  In the past two days I have been down over a pound each day.  I’d love for that trend to continue!  But it probably won’t.  Last time I did the fast, after the first 3 days the losses started slowing to half pound per day.  Which is still way better than I could ever do eating normally and working out.  Anyway.  Not gonna lie, I hope next week’s loss is a nice big one.


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