Wednesday weigh-in

I’m going to try this out, weighing in here on the blog every Wednesday.  I have actually been doing pretty well with exercise and food.  Making the commitment to eat just real food (with only a few cheats) has really helped!  It is kind of amazing how much it helps me to NOT think about food all the time.  I guess the more processed food I eat, the less I notice how un-filling it is.  With real food I just eat a meal and forget about it until the next, because I am satisfied.  Funny how that works 😉  I am not counting anything and not using any other rules besides just eating real food.  I do try and focus on produce and protein, and shoot for 4 meals a day with a treat too.

Exercise has been good!  I’ve been waking up at 5:30-ish almost every morning so I can get a cup of coffee in before I go downstairs and walk a half hour on the treadmill.  This gives me 1.5 miles and about 3000 steps for the day.  I aim for at least 10,000 every day and most days I pass that easily.  Working on my feet for a living has its benefits!  I set goals for this month and one was to lift weights 3 times a week and run 4 times a week.  I guess I wasn’t thinking about how dirty our air would be all month.  I’ve only gotten outside 3 times to run this month.  I can’t do it on the treadmill because it squeaks and drives me nuts.  I thought about getting a gym membership for a couple of months but I think I will just do the elliptical until running outside becomes more feasible.  I’ve been doing the weights too, but only twice a week.  I think my body needs time to adjust.  I’ve been lifting pretty heavy, for me anyway, and by Thursday my legs have been SO sore!  (Lifting days are supposed to be M/W/F)  I hope that next month I can work up to 3 per week.

After all that, here is my weigh-in!

  • On January 1st I was 154.4
  • 1 week in I was 154
  • Today I am 152.6

It’s kind of slow going but I’m really fine with that.  Lately I have been down .2 a day.  If I did that every day I’d be down 6 pounds in a month.  And when I lose like this I generally have an easier time keeping it off.  I’m not really setting a goal weight, though I think I will probably end up somewhere under 130.  I’m going to do my best to keep maintenance on the brain, so as I keep losing I need to be focused on maintaining my losses (however small they may be!) instead of bouncing around.  This time around I am going more for looks and benefits.  I want to have muscles and be fit.  To not get injured from running.  To not be winded after a flight of stairs 😆  I figure that when I get there or close, I’ll know it and can start tweaking what I do.  I will only take diet changes so far, and only exercise so much.  Wherever my body ends up is what I’ll be happy with.


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