Spending this week (week 1)

I hope to do this every week this year to really keep on track with the budget.  We haven’t really had to buy too much this week, and I only went to the store because I actually needed things!  I am going to make more of an effort to only get what produce I think I will use and not waste and then go back to the store when I need more.  Actually I’m thinking of doing Bountiful Baskets again!  We’ll see if I can get in to get a good pickup site tomorrow.  I won’t be able to log on and try until after school, so If I can’t I’ll just forget about it.

So the goal is $125 per week.  Here’s what we spent  on groceries this week, with a total of $84.46:

  • Avocados $3.00
  • Bell Peppers $6.29
  • Blueberries $6.49
  • Carrots $2.16
  • Cauliflower $2.17
  • Grapefruit $3.50
  • Green onions $1.00
  • Onions $1.52
  • Oranges $.83
  • Cotija cheese $4.99
  • Heavy cream $3.00
  • 1/2 gallon milk $2.69
  • Bacon $14.99
  • Ground wild boar $15.98
  • 2 cans white beans $1.76
  • Rolled oats $6.10
  • Organic quinoa $7.99

Now I’m not saying that we needed everything we bought over the week, but I guess it doesn’t matter since we kept it pretty low!  That’s good because we are planning on buying the meat CSA this month which is $175.  It should last for at least 3 months though I would think.  Since we are doing that, I hope to keep the food groceries definitely under $125 to help pay for the CSA.  So my goal for the next month will probably be to stay at about the same that we did here, under $85.  If I really try and don’t do anything ‘fancy’ then we should be able to do it!!  It may mean lots of potatoes, yams, squash, and beans (of which we have an abundance of downstairs), but we can do it.  We also have lots of canned goods too, and I’ve been loving the soups lately which help because they are pretty cheap to make too!

Also, Sprouts has their oranges on sale for 5 pounds for $1.00!  We got about 8 for that 83 cents, and they were good, so we will probably go back and get a case or two for that price!  K loves oranges, and they should keep pretty well downstairs since it is pretty cold down there lately.

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