Happy New Year!

I am SO looking forward to a new year!  I am totally a fresh start person.  I do the best when I can get totally psyched up about big changes.  Well, I usually do good for a period of time and then end up crashing.  So for this year I really want it to be different.  The question is how am I going to make it different?

  • I mentioned before that we are going to do the real food challenge again this year for 150 days.  Well I’m not going to do it for just 150 days, I’m doing it all year – and I’m telling myself it will be for the rest of my life too.  So hopefully I will avoid any crashing that comes along with a ‘stop date’.  I really do want to eat better for good.  I know that I don’t enjoy junk food and even most restaurant food.  Can’t explain why I get to where I actually want and crave that kind of food, but I do get there.  All I can do is to try and not get into that rut.  And to be honest?  What mostly gets me into that rut of eating junk = drinking too much.  If I take out the excess alcohol then I think I will do a lot better.  I know, I know.  I said the same thing last year!  I said I would give up alcohol and I just didn’t.  Why didn’t it work?  I wasn’t ready.  I think I am ready now.  I’m not giving up alcohol completely, but I am limiting it to social occasions, which for me limits it a lot 😆  Anyway, I know this is my major downfall and I am seriously committed to making it different this year.
  • I am not going to count calories, or do any kind of food rules other than real food.  I get too caught up in doing things perfectly, and when I fail I decide to fail big.  I am a big all or nothing person.  Time to change that, since it obviously isn’t serving me well.  I am just going to keep it simple.  Eat real food when I am hungry, and not overeat or do so for emotional reasons.  I see this as the only thing working for me for the rest of my life, so I better get serious about really working it and making it into a lifestyle.
  • I am going to work on strength as one of my main goals.  I wrote before about a revelation about strength training and body composition.  I still believe that it is the key to achieving a look that I want, I just didn’t follow through, again.  I am going to try and be consistent with strength training, this year, and from now on.  I know that through consistent strength training (meaning through the rest of my life) I will be stronger through old age, make my body look better overall, and feel better about myself.  I know that this doesn’t happen overnight!  I know that it takes a commitment over the years to get to where I want to be.  If I am ever to get there I had better start now.  My goals for the new year will be to lift weights and do body weight workouts 2-3 times a week, every single week.
  • I am going to get back to running.  I have realized that I truly miss running.  I truly love running.  I am not particularly great at it, but I love the accomplishment and love feeling like I am working hard.  Sitting on the elliptical or treadmill while watching TV?  Not so much.  Trail running?  Love it.  Love it.  So that will be my cardio of choice.  I really hope to find some balance between lifting heavy and running more this year.
  • I would like to be happier with my looks.  I know we are all unique and blah blah blah, but I have felt inferior in this department ever since childhood.  Maybe the easiest answer is to just grow the frick up 😆  But seriously.  It is hard!  And having extra weight on me doesn’t help.  In this coming year I want to care more about how I look.  I will get haircuts more often, actually learn to put on makeup, and learn to wear clothes that flatter my body more – read: wear something other than a t-shirt, old ratty hoodie, jeans, and old running shoes every.single.day.  I am not striving to be a fashionista or anything, just to plain old dress better.
  • Start thinking about saving money since it is about 15 years late.  I have NO money saved up.  None.  Not smart.  I have never been focused on that.  I have not been educated on that.  I know I should be saving money, and I obviously can since I saved for a 10 day vacation for two last year.  I know that if I get serious about it, I can really save some money.  It might be too little too late as far as my retirement is concerned, but better late than never?  My goal within the next few years is to get my car paid off.  Then I will be putting most of my extra money toward emergency and  retirement funds.

Whew!  That’s enough right?  I know that I need to do these things, I have known in some cases for years now.  Guess it is time to grow up and really start doing something about it, rather than making the same declarations year after year and not following through.  I know a lot of people think New Year’s Resolutions are stupid.  I like to hold the hope that if I follow through long enough that it will just be enough, and I will make things a habit eventually.  And even if I don’t in one year, at least I have learned more to carry me through and make the next year better!

Well.  Happy New Year friends!  If anyone is reading.  I wish you much love and happiness 😀  Here is to a new year and a fresh start!!!


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