I need a salad, cleaning out the junk, and unprocessed rules

Wow, I have been indulging wayyyy too much on treats and junk food.  I don’t know why, I’m just kind of in a funk and really don’t care right now 😦  We’ve been eating out too much and stocking up on cookies mostly.  Time to stop!  Not really a great way to get ready to start 150 days of unprocessed food 😆

So I cleaned out the cupboards and fridge today, and the plan is to go food shopping and get lots of produce.  For lunch I think I’m going to hit up a salad bar, my body is pretty much screaming at me for a huge salad.

Also we have been talking about our next unprocessed challenge.  So far we have this:

  • We are doing it for 150 days.  I am thinking about making the challenge for myself to go all year, but we’ll see.
  • As little packaged food as possible.  When we do buy packaged stuff it has to be made only of ingredients that would be in our kitchen.  We will aim for the 5 ingredients or less rule, but it’s okay if something has more but they are still real ingredients.
  • Whole grains most of the time.  We aren’t going to be completely anal about it – sometimes you just need a baguette or some regular pasta.  As long as there aren’t weird ingredients, no big deal once in a while.
  • Very limited eating out.  I think birthdays are pretty much going to be the only exceptions, unless we are invited to go out.
  • We are going to try and make sure our meat is organic, grass-fed or comes from a farm, I’m thinking about doing the meat co-op again but we need more room in the freezer!  Actually we need a small chest freezer.
  • We aren’t going to worry so much about organic produce.  I feel pretty comfortable with certain things being organic and others not.  I feel like any vegetables is better than none, and we can’t afford organic everything.
  • I will be going back to the basics and try to make most food from scratch.

That’s about all I can think of right now.  I’m looking forward to eating and feeling a lot better!!  And hopefully shedding the pounds I’ve gained this month 😉

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