Thinking about resolutions

So, I made some resolutions this year and since it is pretty much the end of the year I am thinking about how I did and making some more resolutions.  From my post in December:

  1. Lose 52 pounds – yes, unfortunately I have them to lose.  A pound a week should not be all that difficult to do.
  2. Exercise every day possible.  Even if it is just some walking on the treadmill.
  3. Do the 100 days unprocessed challenge, beginning January 1 and ending April 9.
  4. I am not going to drink alcohol in 2012 – seriously!!
  5. Save some money every month.

How did I do then?

  1. So far I’m only about 12 pounds down for the year.  This could have been much better had I not screwed around so much, and if I had been willing to actually give up drinking.
  2. I didn’t exercise every day, but I sure did a lot of working out – until I got hurt.  I’m not going to worry too much about this one, I mean, I trained for a marathon!  Again though, I did goof off too much so it could have been better.
  3. I did do the unprocessed challenge!  And I didn’t drink anything in that 100 days.
  4. Epic fail here.  Though I did do that 100 days and I was mostly good while training for the marathon.
  5. I did save a lot of money.  Too bad I spent it all on our vacation to Portland!!  It was awesome though and totally worth it.

So what is in store for 2013?  Here’s what I want to do.  Maybe a little more realistic, for me anyway.

  • We have talked about doing an Unprocessed Challenge again and this time we are going to do 150 days!!  This will probably make the next one a lot easier.
  • Lose 20-25 more pounds.  This would put me at 125-130, where honestly I would probably be perfectly happy.  I got to this weight before and I looked pretty good.  If I focus on strength training I could probably look even better at that weight.
  • Pay extra on my car every month.  I have been doing about $80 extra every payment but I would like to do a little more than that.  I will shoot for at least $100 extra on every payment.  I am also going to put the money I get back from taxes toward my car.
  • Save some money every month.  I was putting $300 away every month for the vacation but I don’t know if I can make that work now.  I will aim for $200 a month and see how it goes.
  • Seriously cut down on the drinking.  I am planning to only drink when we are doing something with friends or out of town or camping.  Special occasions.  I have been drinking too much, letting a fun weekend turn into a hungover week.  It’s really not healthy, and isn’t helping my weight loss goals at all (DUH).  I don’t think I could realistically commit to not drinking at all either though.

I am pretty proud for not letting myself feel like a failure, even though I didn’t follow through with a lot of what I wanted to do.  Things changed and I made the marathon goal – that is a pretty big deal for me for how far I made it into the training.  I DID keep some weight off, even though I had lost another 5.  But still, not regaining it all is a pretty big deal also.  I could have done better sure, but I did try and make some changes, and as long as I keep trying then I will eventually get where I want to be right?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to an even better, healthier year.

Will you be making any resolutions for 2013?

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