No Dining in December

I have been giving into my lazy bones way too much lately when it comes to letting someone else make my dinner.  I’m not really sure why I do this since most of the time I am a better cook?!  😆  What put me over the edge today was Costco chicken noodle soup that they make in-store.  It sounded good, I’m sick, never had it before so why not?  I could have just been not lazy and defrosted some chicken and stock and made my own, and I should have.  That stuff was SO disgusting.  It smelled off, or cheap, and I tasted it to make sure, and yes it was nasty.  At that point I couldn’t have started over and made my own soup if I wanted to – too traumatized!  I ended up just having a smoothie instead.

So I’m making it a personal goal to not eat out in any restaurant, or buy any ready-made food in the grocery store the entire month of December.  Most of it has too many ‘extras’ in it anyway.  I do like going out to eat, but most of the time it leaves something to be desired.  Maybe it’s the places I like but its not like I’m going to Olive Garden or McDonald’s.  Okay, I have been to McDonald’s in the last week.  (And it sucked!)  So enough is enough.  Time to take control back and get the lazy bones back to work!  And no I am not going to continue eating out until December comes 😆

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