Stroke of genius?

So this post is about eating and losing, once again.  It’s okay though because I posted something else unrelated earlier!  I’m trying to figure out what to do.  I want to lose, but I don’t want it to be hard.  I obviously don’t want to count calories.  I have also decided not to get on the scale for a while.  How can I get serious about losing if I don’t want it to be hard and I don’t want to count anything or weigh myself? 😆  So I was sitting here browsing living healthy and diets.  I guess it makes sense to sort of do a diet to lose some weight.  I am pretty much anti-diet though.  I was searching the best diets and I found this page, so I looked up the dash diet and somehow got directed to an exchange plan type diet.  So I ended up here, and thought well maybe I could do that.  I started writing out my own plan, but in looking at it I was like, well why not just eat balanced meals with protein, veggies and/or fruit, starch, and some fat?  So I scratched the exchange thing, but thought maybe I could still count protein exchanges, since everyone says you should aim for more protein.  Maybe I don’t need more protein, but it couldn’t hurt I guess.  We’ve all heard the 1 gram per pound of lean body mass, so I figured that would be a good start.  So I had the idea, what if I just count protein?  Just protein grams and nothing else, that wouldn’t be too bad would it?  Since my knee is still not back to normal and running is out for a while I will be focusing more on strength and using my muscles.  Makes sense to try and get more protein right?

Maybe I will try this.  For kicks and because I have nothing else to do right now I made up a list of high-protein foods and how many grams are in them.  Did you know a large potato has 8 grams of protein?  It would be interesting I guess to see how much I’m actually getting over time.  This might be an easy way to make some progress that might not make me crazy, hence the thought that I may actually be able to stick with it for more than 3 days 😆  I wish I didn’t have to play so many head games with myself, but it is what it is.

And completely unrelated to any of this…we have snow!  The sun is shining now but it had been snowing since yesterday, and might keep on going through tonight.  I wasn’t quite ready for it yesterday but it is making me feel cozy today.  This picture tripped me up at first – I took it with my mac camera so of course it is backwards!

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