Back to Reality??

We’ve been home since late Monday night from our vacation and I am just now getting to doing some dishes, cooking our own meals, and cleaning up the house.  We cleaned up really nicely before we left and then just trashed the place when we got home :lol  We had a great time!!  I thoroughly enjoyed having little to no schedule and just goofing off and eating lots of great meals in restaurants.  Seattle has some awesome food!  I will share more about our vacation later, when I get all of my pictures uploaded and in order.  The only bad thing was that I did not get to run the marathon 😦  I had hoped that if I just stopped running, somehow I’d be able to run it, but that didn’t happen.  It was still hurting a lot and after hearing from a doctor that it might be cartilage damage I wasn’t willing to risk it.  I want to be able to run long-term and as much as it sucked that my marathon dreams were going down the tubes, I am starting to be glad that I didn’t do it and risk more damage.

So now I’m trying to figure out what’s next!  I am hoping to be able to start running again soon.  I’m taking M out this morning for a run/walk and we’ll see what happens.  I am going to start doing weights again, twice a week, and if I can’t run I’ll just walk or use the elliptical.  It has been almost 3 weeks since I’ve done anything but walking and I’m ready to get back at it.  I gained about 6 pounds while we were gone and I’m ready to get rid of that too :lol

Other than getting back into healthy habits, I want to start doing more with M, listening to her more and not saying no almost every time she wants to play a game or something.  That sounds horrible doesn’t it?  I don’t say no all the time, but it’s hard sometimes to feel like I have enough me time.  I need to get over that.  She will only grow up once!!  I don’t want to regret not being there for her enough.

I want to start knitting and spinning and being creative again!  Instead of spending too much time mindlessly surfing the net or playing ipad games I will start knitting or spinning.

We are also ready to commit once again to just eating real food.  We have some random things like cereal and granola bars, but once it is all gone I won’t be replacing it.  It can be a pain in the butt to make every single thing from scratch, but it is so worth it.  I felt so much better when we were eating real food, even if I was still eating cookies every day!

So that’s that.  I hope to get some pictures of our trip together to share soon.

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