Food Budget 9.30

So we actually did pretty good this week!  It helps that we are leaving and are really trying not to buy anything.  I think we went shopping three times.  Here is what we bought:


  • Apples $3.00
  • Corn $2.25
  • Habaneros $.25
  • Watermelon $4.00


  • Ginger $.66
  • Grapefruit $2.36
  • Lemons $1.18
  • Limes $1.00
  • Salmon $18.70
  • Tamari $7.58 (I bought 2)


  • Butter $7.99
  • Ice cream $8.99
  • Milk $2.79
  • Hansen’s soda $5.99

We have been pulling stuff from the freezer all week but still it doesn’t look like we have even made a dent 😆  We had friends over last Sunday and that was why we bought the salmon, also it fed us twice.  The ice cream we bought at Costco, who knows why, we don’t need that much!  Just didn’t want to go anywhere else I guess.  And of course after we had vanilla ice cream we had to have root beer 😆

So the total spent was $66.74.  We shouldn’t have to buy any more groceries really, we are just going to try and move through what we have and scrounge for food a little bit.  I’ve written out dinner plans and if we stick to it we should be able to have a produce-free fridge by Friday.

I think for fun and to help me try and stick to my vacation budget I will keep track of what we spend on food while we are traveling.  Hopefully it will help to keep the costs down a little bit!

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