Trip Planning

Holy crap, we leave in less than a week!!  While I’m very excited to be going on vacation, I am also super bummed because I still can’t run 😦  My knee is not getting any better and the whole thing is just whack.  Various parts of my leg will hurt/be uncomfortable throughout the day.  This morning my knee is in really bad shape.  I have been so depressed about the whole thing, I’ve lost pretty much all motivation for anything 😆  I’m really not laughing though.  It is SO hard to just watch my dream go right down the toilet.  Ugh.

On a lighter note, trip planning!  We are going for 10 whole days!  That leaves a lot of time for goofing off and relaxing and seeing lots of sights.  A bit of what we are planning for Portland:

  • Hanging out with friends when we can
  • The marathon of course, if it happens for me, but it will still happen for K no matter what
  • Lazing around the day of the race trying to recover 😆
  • Japanese gardens, Pittock Mansion, Art Museum, the Zoo, Forest Park
  • Hitting up some food carts
  • Checking out Mt. Hood, Multnomah Falls, and the Columbia River Gorge
  • Maybe going to and doing a tour of the Full Sail Brewery
  • Doing a mini-pub crawl

We’ll see if we actually have time for all of that!  After that we are heading out to Cannon Beach for 3 nights.  We will explore as many beaches as possible, try to find some hikes, and sit around and listen to /watch the ocean 🙂  We’ll probably go to Tillamook to see if we can tour the place again and also head farther north to Seaside and Astoria.  The last part of the trip will be Seattle.  Here is where we are splurging a little.  We will:

  • Go on a distillery tour
  • Go on a helicopter tour!
  • Go on a cruise around Seattle, through the locks and Lake Union
  • Do a food tour in Pike’s Place Market
  • Of course go to the Space Needle
  • Try and see as much free stuff as we can to make up for all those tours!

We will also be there during Restaurant Week which for locals here is like the Dine O Round.  I’m excited because there are a lot of places I wanted to go to anyway on the list!  We also want to go to Mt. Ranier but I’m not sure when we can make that happen, we’ll see.

Anyway I’m excited for awesome coffee, hopefully not much rain, and just having a nice relaxing time!  I guess if I’m not all beat up from a marathon, even better 😉

Anyone have a must-do for us to add?!

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