Food Budget 9.9

Going to start this once again, finally!  This is what we spent on food over the last week.  I want to keep it under $125, but this was a little bit over at $137.20.  Still not too bad though.  What we got:


  • Bananas $4.04
  • Broccoli $1.68
  • Cauliflower $1.66
  • Celery $.88
  • Corn $1.50
  • Garlic $2.64
  • Green beans $4.00
  • Ghost chile peppers $4.99
  • Nectarines $4.00
  • Onions $2.22
  • Bell peppers $2.00
  • Potatoes $1.98
  • Tomatoes $4.00


  • Cheese $4.75
  • Ice cream $4.49
  • 1/2 gallon milk $2.99


  • 2 whole organic chickens $25.51
  • 3 dozen eggs $5.98
  • Almond milk $4.98
  • Chocolate bars $2.99
  • Granola bars $22.45 – :lol stocking up since we are upping the carbs for running
  • Lemonade $3.00
  • Annie’s macaroni $5.58
  • Rice cakes $2.99 – don’t normally buy these but they were on sale and I was a sucker that day
  • Bread $4.48
  • 7-11 lunch $4.38
  • Tortillas $2.99

So we could be saving a lot more money not buying things ready made.  I have been lazy and I want to get back to making more stuff at home.  Though I didn’t think we would do this well to be honest.  Seems like we have been shopping most days and doing that tends to add up quickly!  This week I’m back to making lists, and I will try to only go to the stores for shopping once.  Otherwise we might hit the co-op, and will do the Farmer’s market once.  We also have a bunch of stuff in the freezer that I’ll try to make a dent in.  As always the pantry is FULL 😆  Need to get going on that stuff too.

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