Taking charge of the budget again

We are in need of a serious overhaul of our spending again.  I got away from really tracking and planning the spending and things are kind of out of control again!  Not good, especially since we should be starting up school again soon and are in need of books and materials.  I kind of get in that place where I just don’t think about it and so it doesn’t hurt as much, until the end of the month and I see how much we spent.  I had money in ‘envelopes’ saved up for miscellaneous expenses, but somehow it has all disappeared.  Another wrench is that I just bought a new car a week ago.  The payment is a little more than what I’ve been paying, I was actually overpaying by $75 each month.  I want to overpay with this payment too, so that means an extra $100 toward the car monthly.  (I’ll tell you more about the car later.)

I should say though that I have been putting money away, I actually have a nice chunk in my savings account – but it is for our early 10th anniversary vacation this October.  I am happy to say that by October I will have exactly what I wanted to have put away in my account, and we should be able to have a nice trip without worrying about what is spent.

I do need to rein it in though.  I need to start budgeting again and putting money away for minor expenses, and track the spending.  I’m going to start with the food, since that was the easiest for me to do before. The budget for now will be $125.  It should be simple.

Shop the sales, make a list, stick to the list, use up stuff we already have.

I liked doing the weekly spending updates so I’m going to start doing that again.  Right now we also have a surplus of food in storage, pantry stuff mostly but also some frozen stuff.  I think this week I’ll focus on trying to use up stuff from the freezer.  Sunday would probably be the best day to update so I’ll try my best to see what we’ve spent this week already and do one this weekend, even though it won’t be fully itemized.  I haven’t done that in months.

I’m excited!  I want to start saving again!

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