Day 6

Yesterday was such a long day.  I did my 15 miles and then it was time to go to Lagoon, our local amusement park.  We got there at 11:00 and stayed until 9:00!  Walking around all day after running 15 miles?  I guess so!  It actually wasn’t too bad after the first few hours.  I did okay with my food I thought, considering.

  • Before run – slice of toast with pb and honey
  • Mid run – 2 fig newtons and a gel
  • Post run – an izzi and a yogurt and blueberry smoothie
  • turkey sandwich, broccoli salad, fruit, some veggies with dip, part of an izzi for lunch
  • chips and bean layer dip for a snack
  • part of a churro
  • small bowl of chips

At least we took food to eat with us and didn’t leave ourselves at the mercy of park food for the whole day.  We drank a TON of water too.  I did cave and have a few beers, but I’m going back on the wagon today!  I’m only down .4 pounds since I started the countdown and I need to be doing a lot better.  Well I’m down more, but I’m going from the weight I was before I started dinking around.  I need to try and really up the fruit and veggies and cut my portions.  I’m working out plenty I think, and it really is more about the food.  I’m going to try and not snack so much this week.  I clearly have an issue with grabbing things in between meals and I really don’t need to do that.  So I think this week I’m going to work on just having meals and no snacks.  Simple enough right?

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