Day 5 Keeping it Simple

Had a very productive day yesterday!  In the kitchen I made bread, broccoli salad, fruit salad, bean dip, and fig newtons.  All for our trip to Lagoon tomorrow so we don’t end up eating crap 🙂  I also did a few errands and took The Kid to swim lessons, where I found out that the Farmer’s Market is open now!!  There was a lot of dish washing too.  I didn’t work out but I feel like I did 😆


  • Oatmeal with peanut butter, peach raspberry sauce, and chia seeds
  • Small handful mixed nuts
  • Big salad with avocado and a little olive oil
  • Cottage cheese, raspberries
  • Slice of bread with honey and butter
  • 3 homemade fig newtons
  • Small plate of nachos, about 10 multigrain chips worth
  • square of chocolate
  • Brisket, cauliflower puree (supposed to be mashed :lol:), slice of bread with butter
  • 3 Newman-O’s with milk, 1/2 cup ice cream

Wow that looks like a lot!  Maybe it is.  We were waiting for our brisket to cook in the smoker and it seriously took forever.  We usually eat dinner anywhere from 4-6pm, last night we didn’t get to it until almost 8!  So there was a lot of snacking before, trying to make it until dinner 😆  It didn’t seem like that much food.  Anyway I guess I wasn’t worrying too much since I am going to run 15 miles this morning, I figured I needed to fuel up.  Whether I really do I’m not sure.

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