15 miles

They were rough but I got them done.  Actually the first half was not bad at all.  I think I overdid it though, once again.  After my pit stop at the house I just had such a hard time getting going again.  It was kinda miserable 😆  At around mile 13 I was thinking I could just quit, since 13 miles is what was on The Boyfriend’s schedule yesterday.  But that would have been lame!!  So I kept going.  At 14 I could not breathe so I walked about 1/4 mile.  After that I told myself I just had to finish, no matter how slow.

The dirty timing details. Miserable!

I am very glad that there is only 13 on next week’s schedule.  I can’t believe I just said that.

Okay, I think part of my problem is I’m trying to figure out how to fuel for these longer runs.  Up until now I’ve only done half marathons.  I ate a few bananas before the race and then made it through with water only.  Usually gatorade and gels make me sick.  But I am thinking that I will need more to get me through as my distances get longer.  Today at the halfway point I had 2 homemade fig newtons.  It was just too much I think.  I started needing a lot of water after that and I think that was just too much in my stomach.  I ended up having a gel around mile 11? too.  The side stitches were SO bad from 12 on.  Maybe I will just try making my own gel from dates and just stick with water.  I’ll try this next weekend and see how it goes.

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