Day 2 Keeping it Simple

Today went pretty good.  I did my 7 mile run, even made it a tempo workout on accident!  What a dummy.  Running on the treadmill sucks enough, but I put myself through more torture than necessary 😆  I watched a pretty good movie while running so I got in 1 1/4 miles of walking too so I could finish it off.

I did do some prepping of veggies today, I made 4 salads and cut up some celery and carrots, plus made the coleslaw we had for dinner.  The salads will be good for lunch and it will be nice to have the cut veggies for snacking.  I can see in my fridge now too!

Eats were this:

  • Post workout – smoothie with yogurt, milk, juice, spinach, banana, and blueberries, scrambled eggs with a little cheddar, 1/2 an avocado and 2 small slices of french bread.  This held me over for quite a while!
  • Snack – thin slice banana bread, 1/2 slice turkey, 1/4 apple.  I wasn’t really hungry but I ate it anyway.
  • Dinner – turkey sloppy joes with 3 small slices of french bread, coleslaw, watermelon, 2 Newman O’s cookies.  I bought the cookies last night, maybe shouldn’t have but I really wanted them so I did.
  • Post dinner (we ate pretty early) – serving of multigrain corn chips with cheese and tomatillo salsa, shared a mango with The Kid.

I was feeling very snacky after dinner, probably didn’t even need the chips and mango but oh well.  I did go and brush my teeth to say I’m done for the day.  I think I did way better than yesterday though, at least I got some veggies and fruit in!

I am SO glad I am not running tomorrow.  I am so sore from yesterday’s small weights workout, and today’s run was pretty tough too.  Looking forward to just doing some walking or biking!

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