Day 1 Keeping it Simple

I kept it simple all right, loaded up on simple carbs 😆  Oh well.  I didn’t even see a vegetable until dinner.  I don’t know what happened, I just kind of kept going for the starch all day.  Although I usually do that after a day when I’ve had a few drinks.  I was going to list my eats but frankly it is a little embarrassing so I won’t!  It was carb-tastic, but mostly real food except for some cookies I just had to have.  On the plus side, I didn’t drink.  Today will be better.

I did try to keep busy and got a lot done in the kitchen.  What I crossed of my to-do list:

  • Run
  • Weights
  • Shopping
  • Make beans
  • Grind wheat
  • Make chili powder

That last one was very time consuming.  I had 5 bags of dried chiles and I had to take the stem and seeds out of all of them, some of them do not cooperate.  It made a good batch of tasty powder that will last me quite a few months so it is totally worth it.

I am so stiff right now from my lat pull downs yesterday!  I didn’t even use hardly any weight either, 50 pounds.  After coffee I will go do some kind of tempo run on the treadmill.  Maybe I will drag the kids downtown to the library and the aviary to get some walking around in.

Going to prep lots of veggies today so I have no excuse to not eat them!!

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  1. My choices are so much worse without prep. Have a great day!


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