Back to the Basics

Internets, my life is in need of a reboot.  Not another juice fast, no.  In trying to go back to ‘normal’ in regards to eating, drinking, balance, I find myself feeling less and less in control.  Too many evenings filled with beer (or Vodka!).  Too many meals out at restaurants, or pizza called in.  This should all be fine and dandy, but hey – I’m ‘trying’ to lose weight!  Apparently not very hard though!  I have been reading Thin For Life, 10 keys to success from people who have lost weight and kept it off.  One of the keys is Do it Your Way.  So in thinking again about what worked and what didn’t work, I realized that maybe I do need that extra structure of my own making.  Going back to the basics wouldn’t be all that bad.  These simple things have really worked for me this year.

  • Eating real food
  • Not eating out
  • Not drinking
  • Eating balanced meals

I know that if I go back to doing these things that I will feel better and more in control, and weight will probably start to drop again.  Maybe what I started out doing at the beginning of the year is My Way.  And it was easy enough for sure!  No counting of anything, just eating real food and not drinking.  Can’t get easier than that!  I just need to get back into the routine of having enough food in the fridge for there to always be something to eat without much hassle.

So yes.  That is what I’m going to do.  I have exactly 75 days until the Portland Marathon and it is important that I stay on track with my goals, to lose some more weight and keep on top of my training.  There is no big fanfare when all you are doing is eating real food, but I am going to do somewhat of a countdown with my daily stuff until the marathon.  I’ll be back later with Day 1!

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