Instead of…

Saying I keep failing at losing weight…I could say that I have maintained a 15 pound weight loss for 6 years now, and have maintained another 15 pound weight loss for 4 months now.  Don’t really know how I’ve managed that but I’ll take it 😆

Getting down on myself for not keeping up with my marathon training perfectly…I could say that I think it is impressive that I’ve been able to run 12 miles this time around, and I know I can do 14 this weekend too.  I am still going out there and trying, even though I skip some runs and I’m slow.

Saying that I have been eating too much crap in the last couple of months…I could realize that I really don’t eat out all that much, and also acknowledge that the potato chips i used to adore were not that great today.

Even if I’m not sticking perfectly to what my plan should be, I’m still not doing that bad compared to the way I used to be.  Everything is okay, I will be okay, and eventually I will get to my goal of a healthy (and good-looking) body weight.  No need to freak out.  If anything, I am learning that summer is not a great time for weight loss for me.  Too many events that include junk, just want to be more lazy and enjoy the drink, and besides, it’s too hot to be out and be incredibly active all day!  Trying to juggle homeschooling, work, play-dates, camping, running, and just goofing off is proving to be overwhelming for me.  And that’s okay.

Instead of freaking out…I’ll just keep going.

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  1. I’ve stuggled with my weight for over 50 years. Here’s how I finally lost it.


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