How do I say it?

I don’t want to admit that I crashed and burned in the last week, but I did – big time!  Does anyone really care but me?!  I guess since I made such a big deal about wanting to do so great after my fast, I need to disclose this stuff.

For some reason I decided that it would be okay to have some beers while we were in Moab.  A few turned into a few (and more) every night, which led to not so great meal choices.  We packed our own food but had some malfunctions and we ended up tossing a lot of stuff and eating out more than we planned on.  So here I am, back from our trip and the scale tells me I am back to where I was before I even did the juice fast 😦  This is what I said I wouldn’t do!!  Argh.

I have been trying to figure out what set me off, and I honestly think it was all of the declarations and  over-thinking on what to do, how to eat, etc.  It just really sets it in stone for me that I cannot do the structured thing anymore.  I can’t do extreme stuff either, because I just swing back the other way and even harder.  The worst part of all of this?  Is the way I totally beat myself up and get so depressed.  It kills my drive to do anything positive.

So there you go.  It is what it is!  A bump in the road of life.  At least this bump only lasted a week – in the past two years I would let it go on and on for months.  I wrote most of this a few days ago and today I’m back down a pound or so and hope to be losing a little more this week – probably bloated from all of the extra potato chips I’ve eaten 😆  I’m gearing up for 5 miles this morning, getting myself back on track with the food and ready to do good again.  That’s all I can do.


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