This may be extremely boring. How I’m going to eat and still fast.

I have been trying to figure out what my new direction will be as far as what to eat after the juice fast.  With the coming week, I am just going to take it slow and listen to what my body tells me it needs.  I think I am over-thinking the breaking the fast thing.  I am going to still do a quart or two of juice on Sunday and Monday, but also add in easy to digest fruit and other foods.  Hopefully I will be back to normal soon after that.  Normal for me is smoothies for breakfast, fruit for snacks, big salads or leftovers for lunch, and protein and veggies for dinner.  Most of the time!!  Anyway.

I have decided that I do indeed like the control feeling that fasting gives me, so I’m going to continue doing it to some extent.  I don’t want it to interfere with my running though, especially as I get closer to starting my actual marathon training that starts in June.  Mid week runs will be no big deal really so I’m only worried about the long run on Sundays.

Here is what my schedule will look like:

  • SATURDAY AND SUNDAY – No fasting.  Normal meals and snacks whenever I need to eat.
  • MONDAY – I will eat a good breakfast and a morning snack, then start fasting after 12 pm.
  • TUESDAY – I will continue fasting until 2 pm.  I will have a small meal to break the fast, and then however much I want to eat for dinner.  I won’t restrict at dinner because I’ll be running the next morning.
  • WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, AND FRIDAY – I’ll eat breakfast and a morning snack, then fast from 11 am –  5 pm.

I am still going to eat what I want.  I thought about doing some lower carb thing and even the Eat to Live plan again, but I don’t really want to be that restrictive, especially after the juice fast 😆  I don’t want to worry about what I’m eating or count calories or carbs, so this should be great for me!  It will also give me enough fasting time to pretty much guarantee me a good weight loss each week, as long as I stick balanced meals and don’t overdo it.  It should work great for my running too, since I’ll be eating a good sized dinner that will hopefully be enough to fuel my morning runs.  I always run short to medium runs on an empty stomach so nothing will change there.  My full rest day is Tuesday so it makes sense to do the 24 hour fast on Monday and Tuesday.  I will also keep up with juicing.  I want to do a daily green juice and will drink at least a quart of juice on my 24 hour fast days.  So I guess they won’t technically be total fasting days but who cares?  The point is just to lower calories and this will automatically do that.

I am excited!  I am excited to get back to running, and especially eating!!  I can’t wait for a big pile of steamed veggies and a piece of bread 😆  Last day!!


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