7 days are up!

Technically my juice fast is not over until tonight at about 9 pm, but I did it!!  Today was the most productive day I’ve had at home this week by far.  I managed to clean up the kitchen and do the floors in the bathrooms and the kitchen.  I did laundry, ground flour, went shopping, and even made these guys breakfast and dinner, doing all of the dishes too.  I also took M for a walk and we made a stop at the playground.  It might not sound like a lot but when you are living off of just juice it is a lot!

I’ve read people’s accounts of juice fasting and a lot of them say that they had tons of energy and just felt fantastic.  Well I have had my moments and maybe even half days, but I don’t think that I ever had one entire day where I just felt awesome.  Maybe I did something wrong 😆  Actually I don’t think I ever drank enough water.  But it was so hard to try and drink all of the juice and water on top of that.  One can only take so many bathroom trips!

I almost feel like I am getting burned out on the juices too.  Today I only had 2 quarts again, but tried to load up on the water.  I probably had close to 96 oz. of water.  This afternoon I started drinking my juice made of collards, celery, carrots, ginger, lemon, cucumber, sprouts, and apples and I just started to feel sick to my stomach.  I did not feel well after that.  And I couldn’t help but think that I was starting to get hungry again – I just wanted to eat, really badly!  I didn’t give in though, just laid down to rest and then got on with the rest of the day.

I did lose weight this week but I am going to see where I’m at tomorrow before I reveal that.  And yes, I know that some of it is water weight and will likely come right back on once I start eating again.

Can I just say, I am ready to eat?!  I think I may have mentioned that already 😉  I have some pineapple in the fridge that I can’t wait to get into.  It smells amazing and I’m sure it tastes fantastic. I may even have some steamed veggies tomorrow if everything goes okay.  I’m planning on having a couple of juices, a small smoothie and fruit at the very least.  Can’t wait!!

So yeah, I made it.  I am really proud of myself for following through and sticking to it, even though I didn’t do the original 10 days as planned.  7 days is huge!  I think that maybe if I was drinking more juice and water that it might be easier and I’d be able to go for longer.  But I’m happy with my 7.

It was nice to slow down a little and be more in tune with my body.  It was also nice to not be constantly thinking about what to eat.  I didn’t have cravings and I still don’t really, well not for anything junky or unhealthy.  I didn’t really have a spiritual focus so it didn’t go that way for me.  It was honestly more about losing some weight and the healing aspect of it.  It was tough, though at times it was super easy, and overall it was a good experience.  I do think it was probably a good idea to use it as kind of a reset or ‘reboot’.  I also think that even if I can’t specifically tell any changes in my health that it probably did something good on the inside.  And getting some weight off is of course a good thing.

All that said, I am so ready to get my life back to normal now 😀

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