Less juice please

Today was very different.  I woke up annoyed because of the day I had yesterday 😆  I decided since I wasn’t working out that I’d drink coffee.  I really enjoyed my 2 cups!  I more often than not only drink 1, and 2 usually makes me feel crazy wired.  I did get extra wired but didn’t really mind it today.  I didn’t end up drinking morning juice until around 9:30 since we were going on an outing with friends and I didn’t want to be taking juice with me.  I drank 16 oz then, and a few hours later when we got back home I drank another 16.  I had another 16 oz at around 2:30, and then finished another 16 at 5:00.  I also had a glass of water mixed with some superfoods powder.  That was all the juice I could really stomach today.  I really pushed the water drinking more though.  I think I feel better for doing that.

My insides felt super yucky yesterday, and I think it was all of the juice with beets and beet greens.  After I drank them I read about it giving people issues, and sure enough I had the issues.  I won’t go further 😆  I didn’t mind not drinking as much juice today and I really do feel better.  I guess I just didn’t need as much today!

So.  I really don’t want to go all day tomorrow with only juice!  But I will.  I am so sick of it at this point, I think because of the beet juice.  I have almost no feelings going on in my stomach except the occasional rumble.  My hunger has completely gone away.  It is going to be really weird when I eat again.  And I’m having a hard time figuring out what I’m going to eat.  I think my system is going to be really sensitive and so I better be careful!  We have lots of fruit in the house so I think I’ll go with that to start.  I’m still going to have some juice for at least one of my meals for the next few days following the fast.  Other than that I guess I will play it by feel and try and listen to my body.  My body says be done with the fast though 😉  I will still go the 7 days.  Only one more!!

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