5 Shitty Miles

I did my run and it thoroughly sucked!  I am on Day 5 of this juice fast and the way I feel about it today is – over it!  I am not going to quit, but I am not enthused about it AT ALL right now 😆  Maybe it is just the tiredness talking, but this whole thing is making me realize just how much I enjoy activity and working out, and I miss having ones that make me sweat but ALSO make me feel good, not completely run down!  I admit that my treadmill incline walking was not bad.  But running and juice fasting and me does not mix.  I keep thinking maybe I should wait it out, and you can’t really tell how you would feel doing it for another week, but honestly it isn’t worth it to me.

I also want to eat!!  I miss it.  I’m not going to go back and eat a bunch of crap, but man I just want to eat something 😆  My belly isn’t giving me really any feedback today, not empty, not rumbling, nothing.  So I’m not hungry, I think I am just ready to get back to normal life again.

So that’s this morning.  Maybe I’ll feel better later on.  If I can manage to peel myself off the couch to get on with the rest of my day :/

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