Well, coffee is out

I love coffee.  The smell, the taste of it black, even just the act of sitting and enjoying my hot cup.  It is the perfect start to my day.  Not while I’m doing the juice thing though.  My stomach couldn’t get more empty than it is right now.  And this morning’s cup of coffee just sent me through the roof.  I was SO jittery, shaky, wound up, and nervous.  I thought one cup wouldn’t be a big deal but with nothing in my system, and I mean nothing, it is just too much!  So bye-bye coffee, at least for a little while.  I guess I will go back to my ginger lemon tea in the mornings, just to have something hot.  If you are interested, you just chop up a bit of ginger, maybe a half inch piece, add boiling water and some fresh lemon juice, and then add a little honey and cayenne pepper to taste.  Let it steep like tea and you are good to go.  It is supposed to be good for immunity and digestion, which I don’t need right now 😆  But I do like the hot liquid and I don’t have any herbal teas right now.  Maybe I will try green tea, still has caffeine though.

I’m a little sad about this development but I guess I knew it was coming.  ‘Til we meet again, my good friend coffee 😦

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