3 Miles on Juice

Wow, so I have mixed feelings about my run today.  I had my coffee issues so I was feeling a bit crazy, but went anyway.  The first mile was a little tough but after that it got a lot better.  I didn’t pass out, that’s always good!  Just kidding, that was never really an issue, I just felt so jittery.  I was sweating really good and it felt like I was getting a great workout, more so than normal.  That was awesome.  And even though I felt like I was out of gas when I got home, I made myself do some strength exercises like lunges, situps, pushups, etc.  I felt so good for doing that!

On the other hand, I definitely noticed that there wasn’t really anything in the tank.  I had drank about 12 ounces of juice before going out, but maybe I need to do more?  I didn’t want to have bathroom issues 😆  My legs also felt very heavy.  It seemed like I was going in slow motion.  I did go a bit slower than normal too, by about a minute per mile.

I am still not sure how well I’ll be able to run while juice fasting but the plan is to continue on, unless I decide that it just isn’t working.  If that happens, then I’ll probably just come off of the juice fast.  I would rather run than fast.

Tomorrow I am going to try making an energy drink from dates, lemon, lime, and water and take that with me and have some before the run.  Maybe that will help.  Now that the run is done and I’m having some straight up fruit juice I feel really good.  I don’t know how many miles I’d be able to do or even want to do on juice, but I’m going to try for 5 tomorrow.  If I make it 4, great!  Another factor that will influence whether or not I keep going is recovery.  But I haven’t really felt anything out of the ordinary from the 10 miler on Sunday so I don’t think it will be a problem.  When I was running on just raw food I never had any issues either.  Anyway, starting to ramble so I’ll just do a quick update of the day.

Juice #1 & 2 was beets, beet greens, carrots, pineapple, and mint.

#3 was carrot, celery, orange, pineapple, grapes, cucumber, apple, ginger, and mint.  This one rocked!!

#4 was kale, cucumber, lemon, lime, ginger, celery, apples, and a carrot.

#5 was the liquid salsa again – tomato, cabbage, bell pepper, jalapeno, garlic, spinach, celery, carrots, lemon, and lime.

All together I guess I had a gallon of juice today, wow that seems like a lot 😆

My stomach was very rumbly today, but I didn’t really feel hungry at all.  I hope that is the end of the hunger part after today.  I did start to strain all of my juices so that there wasn’t any pulp in them so maybe that is helping.  I didn’t have any headaches to or any other negative effects, other than an afternoon crash.  Maybe I need to add greens to the fruit juice so that it isn’t so much sugar.  It sure tasted and felt glorious to drink it after my run though!  Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow and hoping it will be another not too bad day.

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