Laughing all the way to Bed Bath and Beyond

I decided to do the juice fast, and next thing I know we were headed to the above to ‘look’ at the juicers 😆  They happened to have just one Omega VRT350 juicer, and I had a 20% off coupon.  Seemed like the right thing to do!  So now we do have a juicer, again.  Happy Mother’s Day?!

In using it yesterday and today we have found out that it is pretty cool.  It sounds like it is chewing up the food!  As far as the waste factor, we figured that I was grinding my pulp really fine in the blender and that the waste was probably close to the same.  I do still think that the waste is higher with a centrifugal juicer, so I wouldn’t ever get one of those again.  I did end up using the blender again though tonight, so I imagine I will still be doing some juicing in the blender.

The only con so far is the clean up.  There are a handful of parts that need washing after each use.  Most of the time we can get away with just rinsing with hot water, I figure we will be soap washing maybe once a day.  It doesn’t take much time, but it does take up space on the counter leaving the parts to dry.  I will probably make a few batches of juice at a time just to save on the cleanup, depending on how the juice keeps.  So far so good.

Anyway, so now we have a juicer!

Today was good, but a little rough toward the evening.  I had coffee this morning (probably my last for a while) then I went for my run.  I was going to do 8 miles but when I got to 4 I decided to go one more before turning around and coming home, so I ended up doing 10 miles.  I did have most of a Stinger honey packet mid-run, but I won’t be doing that again.  I will have to come up with something else as it made my tummy ache.  Anyway after I got home I blended up some thawed berries, a mango, and an orange.  I tried to strain it in the floursack towel but it didn’t really work.  I ended up just drinking it as it was, diluted with water.  It was really good 😆  I did a quick walk to take back a movie while I drank that, and when I got home it was time to rest.  I laid down and took a quick nap, and after that I felt okay and it was time for another juice.

This time I did kale, spinach, parsley, carrots, celery, 1/2 a lemon, jicama, and a jalapeno.  Mistake on the jalapeno!  It was so spicy!  I almost couldn’t drink it but I made myself anyway.  Didn’t want to waste all of those veggies!  This made about 24 ounces and I diluted it to make double that.  I think that was also a mistake, since I got to feeling really crappy toward the evening.  Tomorrow I will just drink as much juice as I need to, not diluted, and drink plenty of water too.

I decided I wouldn’t try to avoid food, so when dinner time came and The Boyfriend was cooking, I was sitting on the floor playing a game with M.  He grilled some chicken and I was right by the window and it smelled amazing.  For a while!  I even sat with them while they ate and I sipped my juice.  I wasn’t painful or driving me nuts or anything.  I don’t think that avoiding food is going to really help me, if I just face it head on I think it will do even more for me as far as the mental part of it.

At around 5:30 I desperately needed something more, so I did the blender juice of beet, carrots, jicama, and red grapes.  It really hit the spot!  I don’t want to juice anymore today since I don’t want to be up all night going to the bathroom.  Hopefully I’ll feel okay in the morning and I will just be smarter tomorrow and drink more juice.

I feel like I recovered okay from my run, my muscles aren’t screaming at me or anything so I figure I’m okay.  I imagine that will be my last 10 mile run for a while though, at least while juice fasting 😉

I’ve written down a handful of juice recipes and I think I’m just going to try and keep it simple, doing mostly the same kinds of juices.  I don’t want to have a ton of different things in the fridge all of the time, plus with two people still eating in the house there isn’t room in there anyway!  I will definitely be shopping more often.

I imagine Day 2 will be pretty hellish.  At least that is what I’ve read.  I hope that I can get through it okay and just keep going.  I plan to do some walking as my workout but nothing major.  I’ve also read that a little exercise will help any detox symptoms to pass quicker so maybe I’ll take two walks 🙂

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