On Beer

Yesterday I had the overwhelming urge to have some beer!  The Boyfriend shared a few from his stash.  In total I had 1 Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye and 1 1/2 Uintah Barleywines.  I wanted to get buzzed!  But I really didn’t.  Didn’t sleep well either, and this morning I woke up feeling pretty crappy and run down.  I was tired.  I skipped my workout (will make it up tomorrow though).  I’m kind of puzzled since it really wasn’t that much alcohol, but man it really did me in.  So yeah, not worth it to me right now!  I really can’t fathom how I was drinking before, many days of the week if not all of them, and a lot of beer and wine.  I had to have been running on empty, I don’t know how I was able to even function 😆

Anyway, I’m not giving up booze forever, for sure.  But while I’m trying to lose and get my training miles up, I certainly don’t need it.  I may have some here and there when we go on camping trips and such, but I’m not dying to have another drink right now, you know?  I can’t believe that is me saying that but it is true!  I’d much rather feel good and have energy to get me through the day 🙂

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  1. My wife swears by red wine to help with dieting, but like you, I just want a beer every now and again!

  2. I most definitely do!! haha.


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