See?! Numbers can deceive

I guess I have been getting a little discouraged on my little roller coaster* over here, so this morning when the scale was up almost a pound (what do I expect though, really, when it is my ‘special time’?!  I am very lucky to only be up a pound) I decided to measure myself.  Even though I cannot seem to break under 150, in the last few days I have noticed that I do in fact seem a bit smaller.  So I measured even though I hadn’t planned on doing that until May.  A few half inches here and there and 3/4 inch off my thighs alone!  I am 2.25 inches smaller so far this month 😀  That’s all it takes and I am I now feeling rejuvenated again.  To me, losing inches is sooooo much harder than losing pounds.  Although I still want to get in the 140s!

* I feel like every few days I am doing great in this weight loss thing, and then I have a few days where I feel like I am bombing.  I am not sure why, since overall I AM doing pretty great.  I mean, it has been 3 1/2 months and I have pretty well stayed on track and almost every week I have lost something!  Maybe someday I will mellow out about the whole thing and it won’t feel like such a roller coaster 😆

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