And…over it

I have been counting calories for almost a month, and guess what?  I’m over it.  Again. 😆

The past week I have almost felt like it is not helping me, making me want to eat more, even though I may not be hungry or wanting food really.  I don’t know if that made sense.  I could be definitely NOT hungry, but even though there are calories left for the day, I would want to eat more.  I start thinking about the food I won’t be able to have, because there aren’t enough calories in my day.  I don’t like this!  It is all in my head, but I have been here before and what happens next isn’t pleasant.  Based on past experiences, pretty soon I will be cramming as much junk as I can in, and drinking every day follows that.

So, I’m not going to count anymore.  Besides, I haven’t been able to stick to a limit that I wanted to anyway!  I guess I would really just rather focus on eating my ideal diet, and not overeating.  I have noticed that the last week I have been eating to feel that ‘full’ feeling.  It’s too much.

I’m not quitting because it is too hard, it has actually been pretty easy.  I built recipes into My Fitness Pal that I used often.  I didn’t try and cheat the system this time.  I overestimated instead of under.  But I can feel the crazy coming on, just because I keep eating more than I think I need.  I would rather learn to listen to my body and eat when it tells me I need to.   I want to relearn how to focus on making meals balanced, because I have slipped away from that in the last month.  I think I was doing better (besides too many treats) when I wasn’t counting.

I am still going to keep my food journal up, for now.  I think it is a good idea to keep track somehow of what I am eating.  But I’m not going to My Fitness Pal anymore.  Although I do reserve the right to change my mind!

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