Food & Budget 4.7

Goal $125

Actual spent $162.5

Yikes!!  Over by 37.50.

This week we shopped at the co-op market, Sunflower, and too many times at Costco.  I also stopped in at Cali’s Natural Foods since we were over there anyway.  Here is what we bought:


  • Organic apples $2.72
  • Avocados $4.99
  • Grapefruit $1.04
  • Habaneros $1.00
  • Leeks $.66
  • Organic lettuce $3.00
  • Onions $.53
  • Oranges $1.84
  • Pears $.96
  • Organic baby spinach $3.99


  • Cheese $14.39
  • Half gallon milk $2.49
  • Small yogurt to make more $1.25


  • Eggs $2.99
  • Frozen salmon from Costco $28.59


  • Baking chocolate $28.59 😆 we got a good deal and stocked up!
  • Dried apricots $6.75
  • Coffee $12.99
  • Corn husks $3.99
  • Canned hearts of palm $12.99
  • Grape juice $4.59 (mostly for a school project)
  • Maple syrup $11.99
  • Mustard from Costco $6.75
  • Olives from Costco $6.79
  • Tomato sauce from Costco $7.69

So yeah.  Way overspent!  It’s kinda dumb though, because we didn’t even need some of the stuff we bought.  We could have waited for coffee, maple syrup, mustard, and the salmon.  Oh well.  Time to do better next week!  The fridge is almost empty and I’m not going shopping until Monday, I will hit up the co-op sale.  Did you see the leeks for 66 cents?!!  I got 3 giant leeks in a bunch for 66 cents.  That would never happen at the grocery store!


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