Well I think I’m over the burnout.  I unglued my butt from the couch and started doing more.  I emptied my Google reader of blogs I hadn’t been reading for one reason or another.  Quite a few of them for the most part were uninspiring and fake and I realized I just don’t need that anymore!  I don’t need to see photos of every meal you ate, or hear about how perfect your life is (when it probably isn’t).  I have a hard enough time on my own wishing for things or traits I will never have!  Better to just try and be okay with me, how I am 🙂

I tweaked my calf muscle this week, completely self-induced I think.  My muscle was feeling weird after running, but I think it was just feeling worked and this was normal.  I started poking and prodding, and then did some excessive rolling, and the next day it was very swollen and sore and painful.  Stupid!!  It is better today, but I’m taking the day off still and hoping I’m all better to run tomorrow.  I missed two runs, a cross training session, and a weights workout.  Dumb dumb dumb.

I am trying out Sun Warrior protein powder.  It comes from plants.  For some reason I think this will be better (for my mind mostly) than using whey protein powder.  I don’t really know why, less refined?  More natural?  I’ve heard that some whey protein powders have heavy metals in them too, which can’t be good.  It is definitely more expensive 😆  I used some credits along with free shipping from OpenSky so it was a decent price, as far as how it is priced.  I don’t really like OpenSky that much but some things are a good deal, sometimes, when there is cheaper shipping.

The scale isn’t playing nice again this week.  I’m still counting calories and most days I am around 1500, I’m not being anal about it so who knows what it is really?  Anyway I’ve been stuck all week.  On the plus side, I had to make a new notch in my belt because it was too loose!  Even though the number on the scale doesn’t cooperate all of the time, I keep saying there are other ways to measure progress and it’s true*.  My runs are getting easier, I have more endurance, and I’m slowly lifting heavier.

Speaking of fitness, I have to figure out how I can still do full body workouts.  I feel a difference in the short time that I have tried to split it up and only do upper and lower once a week each.  I don’t feel like I’m working as hard.  I either have to get up early and lift before I do my shorter runs, or do it on my days off from running.  I hate lifting and then running the next day though.  So I think I will try to get back to getting up early and doing it before runs.  It will be a harder workout day but I think it is what needs to happen.

I guess that’s enough rambling.  For once in my life I’ve put off my taxes until now, so I MUST get them done today!!  Ridiculous to put it off so long 😆

*ETA I just tried on almost everything I own, and I was shocked!  I have so many shirts that I can start wearing again!  I also found a few pairs of shorts that fit me, and I am very close to fitting in a number of pairs of jeans 😀  I guess going slow won’t be so bad since I have ‘new’ stuff to wear 😆

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